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a shipment of paper flowers made by volunteers in Boston!

This year’s gotkarma? event is a vibrant showcase of some of Orlando’s top artists. If you are an art lover, you will, without a doubt, love this event. An art project we’re particularly excited about is artist Rob Leaman‘s Community Paper Flower Garden Exhibit.

For months (!!!) Rob and the gotkarma? event team … along with dozens and dozens of amazingly dedicated and seriously fun volunteers … have gotten together every Wednesday night (and many days and nights in between) hand-making hundreds and hundreds of intricate, vibrantly colored paper flowers. The flowers are a loose representation of a lotus flower in honor of Rising Lotus and Rob will create a whimsical, outdoor art instllation with them at this year’s gotkarma? event

The goal is to hand make at least 1,000 flowers by event day … and we are working like mad, crazy, paper-flower-making elves to hit that deadline. The flowers will be on sale at the event with proceeds going to directly support the children at Rising Lotus Children’s Village … each one a vibrant lotus on the rise in their own right.

So, we hope you’ll take time to “smell the flowers” … we spent a lot of time making them actually scented for you … and join us on Saturday, September 15 for this year’s art-fabulous gotkarma? event. Event tickets available here.

For more information about our other gotkarma? artists, check out the links below:

2012 gotkarma? ARTISTS:

Rob Leaman’s Flowers – Community Paper Flower Garden Exhibit

Jessica House-Bruning – The Dream Collection

Anthony DelBuono – Digital Art

Georgie Pratt – Laughing Goddess Designs

Divine Chi – Live Art Performer

Luce Sky

Ernie Turner & Bella

Andrew Spear

Collaborative Art Mural by Harmonious Universe

Danielle Hein

Three Bears

Parker Sketch

Ferranda Balbontin

Octavian Cantilli – Photography

Christopher M W Johnson

Amanda Wegmann

Geoff Decker – Photography

Lazarus Nazario

Thuy Vi Gates

Stephanie Ryan

Gigi Croom (Cloud Out Loud)

Suzie B.

Alberto Quintero

Nhora Suttinger

Joe Tucker

Thomas (Thor) Thorspecken (Analog Artist Digital World)

Alexandra Barvo Vilasaló


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