Kindness Challenge #18: “Lighten Up!”

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Happy Monday!!!! … It’s a brand new Kindness Challenge week (hooray!). In fact, it’s the LAST Kindness Challenge week (boo!!!!!). BUT, I have a really fun new theme and some great, really fun new challenges for you (hooray!!!) lol. 🙂

Our NEW theme for this week is Kindness Outward Requires Kindness Inward.

Basically …You can’t give what you don’t have, people.

Giving and giving and giving of yourself without also taking care of you, too, does not make you kind … it makes you a martyr. (<–not good.) Part of being authentically kind is caring enough to be kind to yourself so that you stay happy and charged up and able to give something REAL of yourself to other people.

So, all this week… I’ve got playful challenges that are all about YOU taking care of YOU!!! Get ready to have some light-hearted FUN!

Here’s your first Kindness Inward challenge:

Alright… do yourself a favor and write this Pema Chodrom quote on a post-it and stick it EVERYWHERE just to help remind you to not take the world so seriously today:

“The best gift you can give yourself is to lighten up.”

Life is HILARIOUS … even more so when things seem to be going wrong. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it. That is why it is critical to keep an arsenal of funny friends in your life.

Right now, my funny guys are Marlon & Jeff from Snapwell Films (the rad fellas filming these Kindness Challenges for us (thank ya, boyz!). I hate, hate, HATE being on camera, and I get stressed, and insecure, and nuerotic to no end every time we start shooting. But Marlon & Jeff are hilarious dudes and make me crack up laughing so ridiculously hard that in no time at all, we’ve cranked out the latest video and I am lighter in the world the rest of the day thanks to all that LOL-ing. 😀

So, let yourself SMILE today! Look for what is light and sweet and FUNNY around you. Crack up laughing as often as possible! You will feel so much lighter inside as a result.

Have a “Hee Hee ! Ha Ha Ha!” kind of day!


P.S. Know what would make ME light up today? You being my “FRIEND” … come on, you know you want to!! So, pop on over to our Facebook page and give that page a smiling “thumbs up”. “Likes” here on the blog are great. “Likes” of the actual Rising Lotus page are EVEN BETTER!! xo


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  1. Barry /

    Sometimes I just want to glench my hands I’m so tense…

  2. admin /

    LOL!!!! Nice! Okay… “lightening up” does NOT equate to MOCKING people, Barry. 😛 (even if it IS funny). And hey… I was being all DEEP in that post, man! Don’t hate on a girl and her poetic sensibilities. 😉

  3. Lazarus Nazario /

    Oh… this is good timing!!!! oy 😉

    Thanks ladybeans! :))

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