Why Rising Lotus?

Not everyone in this world gets an easy start in life.


At Rising Lotus, we admire the beauty of adversity overcome. We champion fortitude and find beauty in the strength it takes to get back up … sometimes over and over. We find ourselves endlessly in love with those possessing that tenacity of spirit needed to rise above.

And so, the lotus flower seemed an obvious and natural symbol for our organization. Long considered an ancient, powerful, and sacred symbol in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions of Eastern culture, the lotus flower symbolizes the struggle-filled journey often required to reach one’s highest potential.

Every lotus plant starts its life rooted in mud and muck, over time, rise through the muck and murky waters in order to emerge into the clean air above as a beautiful, radiant flower.

Let’s be real: there is not one easy thing about being an orphan or disadvantaged child in Nepal. The children in our care are sweet and scrappy and, like the lotus flower, have struggled hard to survive and transcend life’s darkest waters.

Our aim, at Rising Lotus Children’s Village …


is to help each of our  kids rise above the dire circumstances that brought them to us, so that they, too, might blossom into their most hardy, beautiful and radiant selves.