Oh, baby! Have I got a PRESENT for YOU!

Happy Monday! Guess what! Guess what!!!! …. I’m floating something seriously extra FUN your way today. So get excited!! YOU are definitely going to want to be a part of this!!

B/c I’m a little behind on filming Kindness Challenges (next one will be ready Tuesday morning) … I decided, in the meantime, to “GET RANDOM” myself (a la Kindness Challenge #5) by doing something kind … FOR YOU!!!

Giving really great presents is just about my favorite thing ever… so this weekend, I made some calls (or rather, sent some emails) and put together a super fun KINDNESS CARE PACKAGE jammed full of gift cards and self-care goodies and loads of other awesome items that will make you happy and smiley and very, very glad that you decided to be KIND with us.

Now, HOW can you get in while the gettin’ is good for this  REDONKEROUSLY awesome Kindness Care Package that we’ve put together (w/help from our new pals at Out of the Blue Delivered… who deliver things in pretty blue boxes like this:)

Well … <think, think, think> … Ah-HA! I know. Let’s make a sporting little challenge out of it. After all, the goal of the 30-Day got karma? Kindness Campaign is to help reach 1,000 page “likes” (fans) on the Rising Lotus Children’s Village-Nepal Facebook page by March 14.

So, to that end, EVERY person who helps us reach that goal over the next 72 hours will get their name entered into a raffle to WIN this box of kindness goodness. Here’s  how:


1) The name of every NEW Facebook fan we get over the next 72 hours will be entered once into the raffle. (Easy-peasy) 

2) If you are already a Facebook fan (or “liker”, if you will) all YOU have to do is share today’s blog post on your Facebook wall and tag Rising Lotus into the comment (so we know you did it) and then YOU will be entered into the raffle, as well. (Also, easy-peasy…just click the square FB button in the share options bar below this post, add your own message tagging us in)

3) Want to be entered more than once? Sure, we’re down with that: We will enter your name  into the raffle  once for EVERY Kindness Challenge blog post you share on your FB wall each day for the next 72 hours (up to 3 per day).  Just remember to tag us into the comment so we can track your kindness spreading enthusiasm.


So, that’s it! There is a super spectacular Kindness Care Package just BEGGING to be YOURS. All you have to do is help us share the Kindness Campaign. “Spread the Love”. Fun + Simple. I bet you’re itching to get started, right? (b/c you KNOW you’re dying to know what’s inside that darling, nicely-sized blue box!!)

So, get going, gang. The 72 hours of this challenge starts … NOW! … and it ends at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday (2/24). As for the lucky winner: the WINNING NAME WILL BE ANNOUNCED this Friday morning (2/25).

So, start spreading that kindness campaign love! We’ll send OUR love and appreciation back to you in a pretty blue box with a bow!

<grin!> See… I told you today’s post would make you smile! 🙂




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