Rising Lotus Kid Profile: Bipana

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Name: Bipana
Age: 9

Bipana is our second youngest girl, but you would think she is the second oldest. She is just always super responsible.

Bipana is usually be the first to finish her homework. After she’s finishes, she’ll gather up her books, sweep her little corner of the room, and run off to help Di Di make japati for all the other kids.

photo by Metha Skylab

Bipana is also our tomboy. Her Kung Fu moves are amazing and she could probably take on most of the other boys.

photo by Metha Skylab

Actually she’s the only girl that can really hang with the boys. In fact, volunteer Metha Skylab told us Bipana was his “backup”. If another kid was being ornery and/or not listening to Metha, Bipana would yell at them in Nepali and raise her fist like a scrappy Lil’ Orphan Annie like she was about to give them a good one. Even Metha thought: “I wouldn’t mess with her!” Haha.



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