Get Involved. Change a Life. A message from Rising Lotus Director Nate Koehler

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We hear it often enough: that a few dollars and cents per day can make a profound difference in a child’s life. I have always had questions when I heard this statement. Can this really be true? What quality of life is this donation providing? And is there a way for me to ever connect with the children I support?

Growing up my family sponsored children in various countries. We always looked forward to receiving updates on the organizations and how the children were developing. I felt personally connected to their lives and found myself wishing I could connect more, to share our stories together. I had this same experience into my young adulthood getting to know the girls whom Rising Lotus Founder Tracy Brandt supported from half a world away. In supporting Rising Lotus through Tracy, I had the same feeling, that I wasn’t involved enough. Have you felt similar in past support of an organization? I trust I’m not alone here!

It was time in Nepal, three full months of daily life with the girls at Rising Lotus, where this connection became real. We have all had these eye-opening experiences at one time or another at different points in our lives. They change us. Contrasting some of the deepest poverty imaginable in the remote villages and streets of Kathmandu to what I must only call a sanctuary that is Rising Lotus showed just what donations truly provide: a child’s life lived with joy.

Now in saying this, Hari and I want to bring this joy that radiates from the heart of Rising Lotus to you. We want to get you to feel personally connected you deserve to be a true part of our flowers’ lives. And here’s the thing: you don’t need to travel to Nepal to make this connection (although can I say: I highly recommend you do!).

I welcome and encourage you to connect with Hari and myself either on social media, email, or a phone call. Don’t hesitate to share your questions, positive messages, charitable contributions and ideas on how to bring your light to our girls’ lives. I mean this; we want to hear from you! You can find our contact information is at the bottom of this post and located on the website.

In getting to brass tax, I found it really is true: a few dollars and cents really can change a life.  $3.30 per day ($100 per month) provides housing, private education, nutritious meals, clothing, transportation, school and art supplies for one of our flowers while also covering administrative costs.  It is still hard for me to believe.  To grab the low hanging fruit: $3.30 is slightly less than as a Tall Vanilla Latte at Starbucks ($3.45 not including tax; I just looked it up haha).  We all love our coffee but I think you follow me! It only takes a minute to get involved, to change a life. This, if any, is one cliché that I think will always bear repeating.

Thank you for all the good you bring to the world,


Get in touch with Nate on Facebook or via Email.

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Follow all our updates at our RLCV Facebook page as well!

Rising Lotus Children’s Village is proud to say that 100% of donations go directly to our operations in Nepal. 

Hari with three of our newest flowers: Auroni, Ani and Sony Maya – March 2021

Photos of Sanju, Dil Kumari and Anisha Maya from their first days at Rising Lotus
Pictured bottom with some new leisure outfits: Dil Kumari, Irika, Biku and Sanju

Photos from some of our girls first days at Rising Lotus over six years ago compared with December 2019.
Our five flowers pictured right come from the remote village of Kanda, Chitwan Province Nepal, also seen on the left.
From top left to bottom right: Sanju, Sunita, Anisha Maya, Kumari Maya and Dil Kumari.


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