Kindness Challenge #17: “Boundaries”


They say that good fences make for good neighbors? Likewise, healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships. So often we think that kindness means a complete collapse of boundaries (e.g. being someone’s doormat). But that doesn’t even make sense. What could possibly be AUTHENTICALLY “kind” about allowing yourself to be used or mistreated? That doesn’t honor you AND, it doesn’t honor the person you are interacting with. Truly positive encounters leave BOTH people feeling uplifted.

Here is this weekend’s Kindness Challenge:

So, for this entire weekend, I want you to be mindful of boundaries… honoring YOURS and honoring OTHERS’. If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, can you kindly say “no, thank you”? Or if someone crosses one of your boundaries (offends you, hurts your feelings, etc.) can you tell them about it directly but from a place of kind, confident integrity? I know it isn’t always easy, but once you understand that the world will not fall apart if you stay true to yourself (and that if someone gets mad or disappointed… they’ll get over it!), you’ll begin operating from a place of true connection with others rather than from a space of unspoken  resentment. 

Author, Brene Brown says, “Be kinder, but firmer … How would our lives be different if there were less anger and more accountability? What would our work and home lives look like if we blamed less but had more respect for boundaries?”  

Practice staying true to yourself without (a) having to be combative with someone else OR (b) without compromising what you want/need in the process. That’s your challenge today. Come back to the blog and tell me about it. How do you show kindness while still holding true to your own boundaries?

Wishing you a kind and courageous weekend!



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