Kindness Challenge #19: “Three Dollar $mile”

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Oh! My! Gosh!!!! I’m totally jumping up and down over here.  This challenge has me super excited and my brain is already percolating with all kinds of fun, playful ideas (Pretty sure I’ll be doing this challenge more than once).  

So, let’s get right to it. You get TWO DAYS to complete this Kindness Challenge, and it’s called: “Three Dollar $mile”

So???? Super fun, right? I want you to REALLY get creative with this one. Don’t just cave and buy the first cupcake you see.

Really think about an EXPERIENCE that will light you up inside.

And then think of a way to either bring that experience (or the SPIRIT of that experience) into your life for just $3 or less. (NO! You may NOT cheat on the dollar amount!!!! This is about creativity, not cash flow. You can do this!)

Examples to get your mind going: Maybe you’ve always wanted to fly to Europe to spend a summer creating art … so instead you buy  some Crayola colored pencils and go draw by the lake. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take your kids to Disney … so instead you bust them out of school for the afternoon and take them to the playground (Spend $3 on a special treat to share OR to print digital photos of your fun “break the rules” day).

Take a BIG idea and break it down creatively to $3. 

(p.s. Major karma BONUS POINTS if you actually bust your kids out of school for an afternoon. Your kids will NEVER forget that experience.)

So, this challenge is ON!!!

You have 48 hours … and just $3 … to find a way to put a gigantic smile on your face!

And please SHARE THE LOVE on this one. Share this post with your friends and encourage them to take the “Three Dollar $mile” challenge, too!  Then come back to the blog and tell me ALL about what you did. I can not wait to hear!!

Yay!! Soooooo excited about this one!!!! 🙂

Wishing you PRICELESS memories,


P.S. You can make ME smile FOR FREE, just by clicking this link <– and giving the Rising Lotus Children’s Village-Nepal Facebook page a “like”. See: 😀  <– I’m grinning already.


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