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gotkarma? event planner Jessica Samuels

When most people feel grateful, they just send a thank you note. Not Jessica Samuels. She says “thank you” by throwing a party!

Yes. This year’s gotkarma? event (did you get your tickets yet? get on it! get on it!) is one big giant hug and thank you from Jessica to Rising Lotus founder Tracy Brandt.

Cool, huh? Here’s the story in Jessica’s own words:
– – – – –

“I guess I’m a a hobby party planner. I’ve been planning parties and events for my friends and family my whole life. This year’s gotkarma? event is my charitable contribution for 2012 and my very personal “pay it forward” to Tracy Brandt, the founder of the Rising Lotus Children’s Village.

While I may not be one of the orphan children living at Rising Lotus, I do feel a bit like an orphan that Tracy has taken under her wing. My mom died in 1997 and I have no relationship with my dad. After I lost my mom, I felt a bit like an orphan in the world. I moved to Orlando trying to find my way and that’s when I met Tracy. She was my boss for many years back then and helped to start my career here in Orlando as well as helped me through college … including paying for some of my education. She took me under her wing and was a mentor to me. She invested in me in the same way she invests in all of the orphan children at Rising Lotus now.

Now that my life is going well, I wanted to give back and thank her. So, planning and directing this year’s gotkarma? event is my effort to do just that … to show Tracy that I believe in her mission and want to give her the support she needs to keep Rising Lotus going. This is also my give-back contribution to our Orlando community by bringing everyone together on event night to support children who are pretty much forgotten about … who, without Tracy, would have NO support. Also, I hope to expose our event artists, entertainers, and vendors to a new group of people. In hopes they can expand their businesses (reach) too.

But mostly, this is a story about supporting an amazing woman who cares about people in a tangible, action-backed way! When we come together and support a solid grassroots organization like Rising Lotus, we are able to see direct results from our support and effort, which is great! Tracy keeps her supporters so intimately connected.

I think what is great about my story is that it shares the same philosophy that Tracy threads through the Rising Lotus Children’s Village program. Tracy took a chance on a less fortunate girl, invested in her with her education; believed in her potential and now that girl (me!) has blossomed. This is what she does with all the children at Rising Lotus, as well. The Tracy Brandt method works!!! 😉 lol”
– – – – –
Awwww! {sniff!} That’s good stuff!!! So, once you wipe that sentimental tear from your eye after reading this, get your gotkarma? event tickets and come out and join us Saturday, September 15th for the THANK YOU party of the year!!!!

Event tickets and details available here.

Kindness Matters. Spread the love.


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  1. Lori P. /

    Wow! I am wiping the tears. So heart warming and touching. I did not know this whole story, I am really glad you shared it. I feel so blessed to know both of you, you are remarkable women. Jess, you have blossomed and it has been a pleasure to witness! Tracy, it is so neat to be in your presence, you change lives! That is huge. So flippin’ excited for the Got Karma? Event on the 15th. Love y’all!!! And thank you both for all you give and do!!!

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