Our Program

At Rising Lotus Children’s Village we believe that every orphan child in our care is truly a “lotus on the rise”. As such, our program structure mirrors the lotus growth model:

Roots (i.e. Body)

In order to thrive, every child needs their basic physical needs met.

At Rising Lotus, each child is provided with their own bed (boys and girls sleep in separate rooms) in a safe, warm home. We also provide clothes and shoes, for both school and play; quality food, including meat for protein (a luxury for many Nepali families); clean drinking water; and real milk (nutrient-poor powdered milk is the norm for many families). In addition, each child receives regular medical care, to include an initial wellness intake exam, hygiene instruction, dental care, and of course, treatment for illness or injury. Afterschool sports and free-play time also help to keep the children strong, fit and happy.

Leaves (i.e. Mind)

Quality education is the greatest hope our orphan children have for escaping the clutches of extreme poverty.Rising Lotus pays full tuition for each child in our care to attend a well-reputed private school where all classes are taught in English. It is imperative that the children master the English language, as most careers of significant growth opportunity require solid English skills. The children likewise, also still speak Nepali and explore their Nepali culture and traditions through fieldtrips to Nepal’s historic cities, festival celebrations and museums.

Flower (i.e. Spirit)

Every child needs a sense of belonging and positive sense of individual identity. Though a common set of unfortunate circumstances brought our children together, we recognize that each child is special in her/his own way. Allowing each of our children to blossom into their best, unique selves is a top priority at Rising Lotus Children’s Village.

We cultivate a sense of belonging through our make-shift “house family”. Nepal’s social structure hinges on a deeply entrenched caste system, but within our home, the children are all equal members of the familye. We nurture creativity and self-expression through the arts and writing.

Meet our AMAZING and ADORABLE kids and see their artwork and report cards.

A Word About “Adoption”

Rising Lotus Children’s Village is not an “orphanage” in the standard sense of the word. The orphan children in our care are not available for adoption. The founding vision for our organization is to not only help improve the plight of Nepali children, but also about helping to improve the plight of Nepal as a nation. By infusing the community, one child at a time, with young people who posses a superior education and by raising them to embrace integrity, tolerance, self-reliance, and innovative thought. As they say, “never underestimate one person’s ability to shape a nation”.