Rising Lotus Kid Profile: Yam

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Name: Yam
Age: 18

Yam is the oldest of all the children at Rising Lotus and he and his younger brother were the first children to ever live here. Yam is Vice Captain at school and has lots of age-appropriate responsibilities at our home (such as helping keep inventory of the food and supplies.) Yam’s most important job though is being a positive role model for the other children. He is 4th in his class and listens with genuine respect the the adults/visitors at Rising lotus.

photo by Metha Skylab

But as much as he is an exemplary young man, he is also, in many ways, just like any other teen his age. For example, he loves music. He often studies by himself and we always hear music coming from his room.

photo by Metha Skylab

Being one of the very first children to live here and now come of adult age, Yam is dear to us on so many levels. It has been an amazingly rewarding experience to watch him grow from a kind-hearted young boy into a truly fine young man.

Learn more about Yam (and all the amazing kids at Rising Lotus) on our website.


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