~ Namaste, my friend! ~

Welcome to Rising Lotus.  We’re so glad you’re here!

We’re big fans of meeting new people, so have a poke around our site and let’s get to know each other a little bit. As you’re about to discover: we’re not your average nonprofit. Which means, there’s a whole lot about us to love!

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So, what do we do?

Well, our work may seem conventional: providing a home, education and caring support to orphan children in Nepal -AND- spreading global messages about the powerful importance of everyday kindness (got karma?) … but it’s how we do that work that sets us apart.

At Rising Lotus, we’re not in the business of selling the typical nonprofit “sob-stories”. We’re in the business of creating the opportunity for success stories to blossom authentically! The world can be a hard place and people can have really hard hearts. Things don’t magically change over night simply because we want them to. So at Rising Lotus, we’re passionate about helping real kids and adults overcome real challenges in a way that works in the real world. We’re not promising you picture-perfect resolutions. Our commitment is to removing obstacles (internal and external) and expanding life options in a way that affects real change.

We are “Rising Lotus” because …


we believe in the beauty of spirits on the rise. In our work, and in the world, we celebrate spunk and sheer tenacity over ‘got it all togetherness’. And we herald kindness and love, not as sweet sentiments, but rather: as bold acts of world-bettering courage!

So, if what we’re saying and what we’re doing resonates in your heart, we invite you to explore our site a bit and learn more about us. We have amazing things going on.

NOTE: just so we’re square from the beginning:


100% of general donations made to Rising Lotus Children’s Village are used to provide the children we serve with nutritious food, clean water, shelter, clothing, health care, books, toys and, most importantly, a quality private-school education, all within a safe, nurturing and caring environment.

To learn more about our unconventional fundraising philosophy, visit our DONATE page.